Custom UX and automation
software for council chambers

The Maestro software suite is the result of ten years' experience with on-premise development; designing custom UX and automation software for council chambers, distance learning, and other complex secure meeting environments.
Deployed in a properly equipped hardware environment, the system can produce fully-automated, broadcast and stream ready A/V content entirely autonomously. Equipped with a robust API for integration with on premise hardware, Maestro integrates delegate/RTS microphone control, camera positioning, video switching, user management and vote procedures with rich, easy to use and customizable interfaces.

Customized Automation that meets your business needs

RTS Microphone Control

Versatile control of delegate mics. All features easily managed by a clerk or chairperson, no technician required.

Camera Tracking

Operator free camera positioning module allows easy integration of any third party camera and video switching system.


Full integration of Audio and Video conferencing applications. Customized user interface applications make adding a member or a remote presenter easy and secure.

Voting Module

A versatile, automated and secure voting system that works with any control or automation system such as Crestron. Easily integrated with any touch-panel or hard button voting interface.

User Management

Maestro can use existing on-premise LDAP authentication methods or users can create their own user database within the system.

Distance Learning

Easily automate your remote learning environments. Connect and combine any number of remote classrooms and remote participants into a single virtualized environment.

Broadcast Integration

Have professional level graphic overlays auto populate over your delegates and presenters. Have the power of an entire production team manage the show with seamless transitions.

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